Your cell phone will help catch terrorists

No, not today. but if the Tech folks at Purdue University get what their asking, future cell phones will have radiation detectors built in. The issue in the past has been either the hardware is too expensive, bulky, or is prone to false alerts. Todays spectroscopic detectors have to be able to catch the differences between potassium-40 (bananas) real uranium/plutonium so everyone doesn’t get excited about fresh fruit.

The Purdue University group has developed a sensor small enough to fit into cell phones without making the phones excessively expensive. The sensor would call home to the right authorities with it’s alert, providing it’s location via triangulation to pinpoint the threat. Of course, more phones calling in will narrow the exact location of the possible dirty bomb.

Of course, even a dime cost increase per phone is enough that a manufacture wont just add the technology. So, at the current really cheap price of 100 dollars, we are a long ways from this being in your hands. The Purdue team is lobbying Congress.

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