XPERIA™ X1 – keyboard slides out in an arc – that’s cool!

SonyEricsson has brought out a new 3G Touch Screen phone running Windows Mobile… so?

Well, actually it looks like they did it right. A touch screen, a keyboard that slides out in an arc to the screen so the screen is at the correct angle to see when you type. And, they threw on a UI over the top of the Windows OS so you get all the features and toys, without many taps to get anywhere.

You get exactly what you would expect when Sony, Ericsson and MS put it together. Video conf call, push email, optical joystick, Handwriting Recognition, record pictures and video, MMS/SMS, 3D games, keep up on your RSS feeds, Wifi and Bluetooth.

Now, the numbers – 4.5 X 2 x .7 inches, 800×480 – 65,000 colors TFT screen, 3.2 megapixel camera with 3X digital zoom, FM radio receiver, Black or Silver, and can come with up to 400 MB memory (depending on where you buy the phone).

SonyEricsson has a pretty nice video walk through of features.

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