Treo Pro – Small changes makes it a Business phone

In full disclosure; We have used and developed software for Palms since they were Pilots, through to the current models. Currently we carry a very large variety of other SmartPhones. Just so you understand, we have a history with the product line.

The new Treo Pro has a few changes over the previous models (650, 680, 700) but they are the ‘right’ changes. A new form factor/shape and button placement has made the device easy to use as a business device. The screen is still a 320×320 color ‘touch’ screen. Touch to Palm mean you use a stylus or your fingernail, not your finger tip. Important to remember when you look at how big the screen is. You need good eyes to use when compared to the other ‘NEW’ SmartPhones on the market.

Bluetooth 2 and WiFi are still standard, with the handy quick access button for WiFi (really helps with battery life). GPS is on this device, which include turn-by-turn directions and local search. A 2.0 megapixel camera supports video capture, playback is via Windows Media Player Mobile (handles audio play as well). You get 100 megs of internal memory to store apps on, as well a microSDHC card slot (up to 32 gigs supported).

The OS is Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Like all other devices that use this OS, you get to edit native Microsoft files, view PDFs and Zip files and view Web pages via Internet Explorer. Outlook email with Direct Push Technology is supported standard.

Tethering to your notebook to use the Internet access is now supported, previously this was done via a aftermarket unlock hack.

All this to say that the phone is a evolutionary step that works for a real daily user, nothing revolutionary to report. Maybe the rumored 2009 device will be heading in a whole new direction.

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