Jan 12

Susan Kare pixel art now available to be on your home and office walls

Do you know the name Susan Kare? You most likely know her creative work. The early Macs had icons that she created. The famous finger, arrow, sand timer, clock, trashcan and more. Later, as computers moved to color screens, so do the artwork. By today’s standards, the artwork is very pixelated, but it’s a good reminder how we saw what we were intended to see with very low resolution screens.

Now, you can bring the classic art to the walls of your home or office. WALLS 360 is offering prints of many of Susan’s art bits in a variety of sizes. They are printed on material that has a sticky back, allowing the art to be placed on a wall, then removed later without damage to the wall or paint. WALLS 360 has long offered many other art and poster prints. Below is a small sampling of the available Susan Kare bits.

01 Susan Kare wall graphics

02 Susan Kare wall graphics

03 Susan Kare wall graphics

04 Susan Kare wall graphics