Jan 12

Modern design comes to the streaming of music from the cloud

Steaming music from the Internet to a computer or tablet has become more popular as the availability of the Internet has grown. What was once only done to a desktop computer through services like iTunes, a person can now stream music to their tablet via wifi at the local coffee shop.

The OD-11 goes back to the house music streaming, adding some design perfection to it. Instead of being another software solution to stream music or song sorting options, the OD-11 removes the desktop interface. The solution is a cube for the room that has several speakers, amplifier and pulls music from the Internet via Wifi. The control is a simple ‘puck’ that a person pushes or twists to adjust the speakers output. Sure, there isn’t a screen showing a long list of channel options or a view of details about the song currently playing. Instead, the OD-11 brings a modern design element to the room while music fills the room.

01 OD 11 Cloud Speaker

02 OD 11 Cloud Speaker