“Smart Time” introduced for the iPhone/Touch on iTunes

Later I will create a section on reviewing software titles for mobile devices. This one just hit tonight and is offered now for FREE… go to iTune Apps area and grab your copy!!

My day isn’t just back to back meetings. There are spaces between those meetings when I jump over to my ToDo list to work against those items. I have been missing my fav Palm (orig Newton) app called DateMan that allowed me to put ToDos right on my schedule between meetings.

That is what Smart Time lets me do. Getting ready for a meeting, I have my ToDo items to get done on the same screen. In the above screen shot I put in their single screen for entering events and todo items. Two items of concern; one which they promise to add is a good sync to the desktop solution, the other is that the data is in as a stand alone calendar rather than using the built in calendar data. Looking forward to that being added.

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