Optoma’s Pocket Pico projector

Wow… what a tiny projector! And battery powered as well. I really do mean ‘pocket’ size; 2” x 4” by 3/4” – weighing in at 4 ounces… available next year for $400.

You can hook your Windows SmartPhone, iPod, or other handhelds right up to it to do your  presentation on a 60” big screen (read: Wall, if your with a client that doesn’t have a screen).

The hardware will run for 2 hours on a set of batteries. The LED ‘lamp’ will last about 20,000 hours which is a pretty good life… wonder how much replacements will hurt the pocket book, no pricing listed yet. The unit has a mini USB and AV input for Stereo audio and compositevideo thorugh a 2.5 mm jack (4 pole).

We are in line for one. What a great way to open up a powerful presentation… just pull everything out of a couple suit pockets.

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