Motorola ES400 for Business users

Motorola ES400 for Business users.

You wont be finding this MS Mobile 6.5.3 based smartphone in the store. You will need to go through your IT department to get your hands on it.The microSD slot will handle up to 32 gigs… which will come in handy with all of the built in MS Office apps.

Hardware includes a 3 inch, 640 by 480 pixel resolution display and a QWERTY keyboard. While there isn’t much talk about the touch screen, many of the shots from Motorola show a stylus so it is looking a lot like an older Treo. ‘G’ Wifi is inside as is a 3.15 megapixel autofocus camera with flash that has the feature of being able to read barcodes.

I have yet to see real life batter life, but is comes with a good size 1540 mAh.

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