Memory – so much in so many forms

In the early 90s we had PCMCIA memory cards for our notebooks and devices like the Newton. They were about the size of four credit cards piled up. Not cheap. Soon cut in half length and renamed Compact Flash.

Now, most popular is the little SD card, the size of a postage stamp. To make things interesting, there are cards the same size but are best suited to do different things. All looking the same – some for multimedia, some for fast photo saving in cameras and another type that is ‘best’ for data. Of course, 1/4 the size is the mini and micro SDs that can fit in an adapter SD card to fit in both mini and std slots.

Olympus thought it would be fun to create a xD card that looks similar to a SD card but was enough different it only worked in their devices.

Sony had the Memory Stick for years… for their cameras, Aibo dog, computers, and PDAs. Over the last five years they have introduced the Pro, Duo, Pro Duo, Pro-HG Duo and now the M2 and Stick adapter.

To sort out the options, the Gizmodo gang did a nice break down of your options – jump there to find what best suites your needs.

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