Kindle, loved by Oprah, $50 off till Nov 1st

I will post up a review of the Kindle in the next couple days. I had been waiting on the new unit to hit before I did that. The basics, you can read electronic books, newspapers, documents and magazines – equally well inside and outdoors.

Jeff Bezos was on Oprah to talk about the Kindle. Everyone knows Oprah has a book club (be on that list and you sell a LOT of your book) and she recommends living Green. The show covered how you can buy books to view on the Kindle for less, you buy/download these electronic books via a free Cell connection (only for book, not for calling to talk to your friends), and it saves trees.

Understanding the hard times and a price tag of $350, they offered a $50 discount code to be used during check out orders on Amazon. Sadly, they put a pretty short time limit on the use of the discount

Code for $50 off the price of Kindle: OPRAHWINFREY

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