iKlip with desktop stand for the iPad Mini

iKlip has iPad and iPhone holders that mount your iOS devices directly to mic stands so they are easy to use on stage. Now, they have the easy to use holder mounted onto a desktop stand. Making it easy to have the iPad Mini at eye level whether for looking at while working on a computer or music keyboard.

All of the stands are available over on the iKlip site.

iKlip iPad desktop


  • iKlip Stand for iPad: Desktop riser stand for iPad 2 & iPad 3rd and 4th Generation
  • iKlip Stand for iPad mini: Desktop riser stand for the iPad mini
  • Sturdy, robust thermoplastic with metal reinforced base
  • Tall enough to fit a keyboard, mixer or other studio device underneath
  • Two independent articulations for maximum flexibility
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • iPad orientation can switch from portrait to landscape
  • Available for iPad and iPad mini

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