If your a Palm fan, I think this screen shot of the Palm’s product listing tells the whole story. Personally, I (and my family, coworkers) was an early adopter of the Palm (then Pilot) devices. Going along and updating as the latest / greatest came out. Then, there was a shift to Smartphones, completely leaving the PDA market to look elsewhere.

Progress in hardware and Palm software seems to have slowed to ‘no progress’. The current product line has a pretty sharp cut between the consumer buyer and the professional buyer.

The ‘consumer’ gets less expensive hardware and the Palm OS… which looks and works like my old TX model did 5 years ago. Except is has a smaller size, high resolution screen and it’s is wrapped in a cell phone. I know I’m showing age when I say that the new screens are just too small to see and use with any speed. Great for the active ‘fun’ users.

The ‘pro’ hardware has a much more polished feel and professional look. AND, they all only come with Windows Mobile OS… no Palm OS. The latest has all the features you would expect from a business user phone. Bluetooth, WiFi, high speed network, Outlook connection, etc… a VERY nice way to go over a Blackberry 8700 or Curve.

How will they do with the new lineup compared to the run of new phones coming out? Time will tell… and time will be quick. Either they are adopted by companies or not – in the next six months. The competition is fierce in this market – Nokia, Apple, Sony, LG, Samsung all have units that do the same thing at the same price. Perhaps the industry leader and innovator waited just a little too long to get out what everyone else has had for a few years.

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