I tried, but couldn’t leave it alone.

Everyone is reporting on this ‘new device’ – nothing to see here!

Over the years, we have seen these artist concepts using Newtons, PocketPC/Mobile Microsoft OS, Palm, and so on. Docing a handheld and using it’s power to run a larger format is nothing new. “Blue” came pretty close with having a monitor/keyboard run off of a doc’d Windows Mobile powered handheld. Then they tried with a Palm OS device. It is much harder than it appears, and a VERY limited user base so there is very little investment dollars available to make these a reality.

The latest from OLO-Computer (Active Innovation Management) is a drawing of what a notebook would look like if you had a iPhone in the place of the touchpad. Proposed is the iPhone becomes the engine and the track pad. I don’t have an issue with the power or memory size, but think about the OS for a bit and how all the apps would have to be made to work in both enviroments… isn’t going to happen.

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