Sep 01

Add a notes paper booklet to your iPhone

There are those times that typing a note out on the iPhone just isn’t the fastest way to get a moment captured. People also wonder if your texting or listening as you type away. The beauty of typing a note into the iPhone is that it can be shared later and generally the iPhone is always with you. To bridge the gap of always needing a note taking solution with you and not having to remember to have a paper pad and an iPhone in your pocket, Dodo has joined the two.

Their latest creation is a paper notebook with a area on the front to hold an iPhone. The paper part isn’t a simple notepad, rather it is a nicely made stitched booklet of quality paper. Being slightly larger than the iPhone, the paper is comfortable to write in, and via the elastic band on the front, paper and tech are easy to carry together.

102 Dodo iPhone5

109 Dodo iPhone5

Jan 11

Two keyboard case options for the iPad Mini

Zagg is now offering a bluetooth keyboard case for the iPad Mini. Not just one, there are two case sizes to match the keyboard features. Either way, there are trade offs, in size and features.

The durable, appealing folio of the ZAGGkeys MINI is built specifically to cradle iPad mini, and provides a durable case that protects both tablet and the keyboard from dings and scratches. The Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard of the ZAGGkeys MINI is ZAGG’s standard, critically acclaimed design, and features an intuitive built-in stand to hold the tablet at an ideal viewing angle, everywhere you go.

The Mini 7 is barely bigger around than the iPad Mini, which means the keyboard is slightly smaller and tight for larger handed people. Interesting is that while it appears ‘small’, the key layout is still comfortable to type for a while.

The Mini 9 case has more room around the iPad Mini in order to support a larger bluetooth keyboard. The Island-style keys engineered to provide 90% of the space of a traditional keyboard with dedicated special function keys.

Mini 7:


Mini 9:


From Zagg – Mini at a Glance:

  • Durable keyboard case that protects iPad® mini from dings and scratches, and accentuates the utility and convenience of the tablet
  • Island-style keys in a sleek and unique layout provide maximum finger space in a compact Bluetooth® keyboard
  • Intuitive built-in stand holds iPad mini at an ideal viewing angle everywhere you go
  • Dedicated special function keys to operate essential iPad mini features directly from the keyboard