2D Barcodes – text, links, and more

There has been ads in magazines for years that use 2D Barcodes carrying their Web address or a coupon – I finally decided to take a look. Being motivated by a lot of new cell phone releases for using 2D codes. Research shows that there are some very cool round and even codes that arrange to look like things… the companies offering those want to be paid for their hand off if someone attempts to use the code.

Using DataMatrix Code or QR Code means codes that look more like Barcodes, but they are free. Just fine to play with till you see how best to use them in this mobile world. The image above shows an example of both – QR is on the left. I will list out the providers of free readers (Windows, Mac, Mobile) soon.

Free: DataMatrix code building site for URLs, Text, Phone #s or SMS

Free: QR code building site for URLs, Text, Phone #s or SMS

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