Nov 27


You know your there when your compared against the leader. Here is a vid showing features of the iPhone VS Blackberry Storm. It is a pretty good length to cover a lot of the built in ‘features’ from one to the other. Now, who is being compared to who? Apple, the UI leaders vs Blackberry that isn’t UI strong? Or Blackberry the leader is devices that actually get used by everyone ‘needing’ to get their mobile email handled?

Nov 15


American Airlines is offering to limited cities the ability to check in via a 2D bar code “Ticket” on the screen of your mobile device including cell phones. Security will scan it just like a normal ticket. American will be rolling this service out to Los Angeles International and John Wayne Orange County. American Airlines is saying that they will continue to add the service to other parts of the US soon.

I wonder… how will they have you hold onto your ticket as you go through the metal detector when your ticket ‘is’ metal.